What Is Up With These People!

What is up with these people!

Right from the outset, while New Mexico Transloading was still on paper seeking all the relevant permissions, licenses and approvals from the local authorities, I made finding the right Transportation Management System (TMS) top priority. My team and I researched and in-depth reviewed all the major platforms available.

Why We Chose To Use a Transportation Management System

It was a long and arduous task requiring a lot of time and energy, and this was while our facility was being designed and constructed.  As you can imagine there was a lot of demand on everyone’s time during this period.

Why did I make this a priority? Because it makes common sense. I have visibility across all aspects of my operation in real time. I can track incoming and outgoing shipments, I can deploy railcars and machinery to the right place at the right time and I can offer multiple levels of visibility and transparency to my clients.

The bottom line is our TMS enables us to work smarter, faster and cheaper.

So Why Am I Getting So Worked Up About This?

So why am I getting so worked up about this I hear you ask? It’s because I ran across an article from Logistics Management last week titled “Supply Chain & Logistics Technology: 8 reasons every shipper needs a Transportation Management System (TMS)” I thought great, maybe I can learn something, and I did. The 8 reasons listed are:

  1. TMS has a proven return on investment (ROI)
  2. It helps shippers work better in the omni-channel environment
  3. It’s available in the cloud
  4. TMS can lessen the impact of driver shortages
  5. It can serve as a valuable data repository
  6. TMS enables a more proactive approach to supply chain management
  7. It helps shippers enhance customer service levels
  8. TMS is a valuable link in the digitally-connected supply chain

All great reasons and I can’t fault any of them. Read the article for the supporting explanations.

65% of Shippers Use Phone, Email and Spreadsheets

But what left me speechless was one of the opening paragraphs which I  quote below:

“And while these solutions have been around for a while, a recent survey of  Logistics Management readers shows that just 35 percent of shippers are using these systems as part of their overall supply chain management strategies.”

So at a time when autonomous trucks and cars are getting road tested, drones are capable of delivering packages direct to our door,  artificial intelligence is used to deliver our Google search results and vacations on Mars will soon become a reality, 65% of shippers, who are responsible for moving billions of  dollars of freight around the world, are using phone, email and spreadsheets to do it!

So I end this piece with a quote which I am sure comes from a famous Chinese  Philosopher

What is up with these people!

I rest my case…

Please spend some time this week honoring the service of all our veterans. Without their courage we would not be able to enjoy the freedom and security we need to live our lives the way we choose.

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