The Most Valuable Logistics Brands in the World


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UPS is the worlds’ most valuable logistics brand and FedEx is number two, according to the leading valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance. Every year they evaluate thousands of companies across all sectors for their brand power and brand strength. Brand power is based on factors such as marketing investment, familiarity, loyalty, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation. The subject companies are then designated a letter grade, for example AAA+. Brand strength is based on what proportion of a company’s revenue can be projected as coming from the strength of the brand.

9 US Companies in the Top 25

Of the top 25 global logistics brands nine of them are headquartered in the US. UPS scored a brand value of $22 billion, up from $19.5 billion in 2016, with a brand rating of AAA- to become not only the most valuable global logistics brand but the most powerful. The explosion of e-commerce, the purchase of an additional 14 Boeing 747’s and their continued investment in drone deliveries are all positive markers in establishing their brand value. The “United Problem Solvers” marketing strategy also repositions them as a small business “we can get it done for you” company – something above and beyond the standard delivery company.

FedEx came in at number two with a brand value of $17 billion which represents a staggering 31% increase over there 2016 value of $13 billion, and they come in with a brand rating of AA+. E-commerce revenues are a big factor as is their increased spending of $5.1 billion starting June 1, 2016 to update its aircraft fleet and invest in further e-commerce facilitation.

In at number five is class one railroad Union Pacific with a brand value of $8 billion followed by the McLane company at number six, a leading supply chain service company providing grocery and food service supply chain solutions, with a brand value of $5 billion. We have three more class one railroads in the top 25 – CSX at nine, BNSF at 11 and Norfolk Southern at 15.

Top 10 Most Valuable Logistics Brands

Top Ten Chart Most Valuable Logistics Brand

It’s exciting to see five out of the top 10 logistics brands coming from the United States and two of them are class one railroads, Union Pacific and CSX. Our Canadian cousins sneaked in at number 10 with Canadian National Railway – another class one railroad. Way to go railroads!!

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