United Poly Systems – A Client Spotlight

United Poly Systems

I’m very pleased to introduce United Poly Systems as our first featured Client Spotlight. Headquartered in Springfield, Missouri they manufacture Polyethylene Pipe for the Oil & Gas, Communications, Power Utility and Municipal & Industrial markets.

Here’s what they have to say about partnering with New Mexico Transloading:

[quote]“NMT has been wonderful to work with – very responsive and helpful.  As a manufacturer we are dependent on our logistics partners to make us successful.  NMT has been that partner for United Poly Systems.”[/quote]

BERT BRIDGES – Principal Partner – United Poly Systems

Our New Neighbors

United Poly Systems Logo

I mentioned United Poly Systems are out of Springfield, MO but in fact they are new neighbors of New Mexico Transloading (NMT). This spring they purchased the smaller of the two Schott Solar buildings in the Mesa Del Sol planned community and set up a manufacturing plant in the 60,000 square foot facility.

According to the Albuquerque Journal

“United Poly was looking for three things in a second manufacturing plant: a minimum of 300 feet in building length, an adequate storage yard and rail access, Bridges said. The former Schott building, which lacks access to a rail spur, scored on two of the three.”

Why Do You Need a Rail Spur?

But guess what – why do you need a rail spur when you have NMT in your neighborhood? That’s exactly what United Poly Systems thought and subsequently contracted NMT to transload their incoming raw materials from rail to truck for the final 10 mile journey to their Mesa Del Sol plant.

The Transloading Process

Small plastic resin pellets are the raw materials United Poly Systems uses to manufacture their pipes. They are fed into a hopper, melted and extruded to various lengths and thicknesses. As shown here they are transloaded from railcar to truck by coupling a line to the underside of the railcar and pumping the pellets into the tanker truck.

United Poly TankerUP Tanker Railcar Coupling

We appreciate their kind comments and are excited to develop a long term business relationship with United Poly Systems. We wish them every success in their new venture.

Just Think On This

As a closing note just think on this. The next time you are sat at a stop light absentmindedly watching a Gas Company crew lay a new pipe in a trench, you may have New Mexico Transloading to thank for making a part of that possible!

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