New Mexico Transloading, as a public employer, believes in the safety, dignity, and importance of each employee. The prevention of occupational injuries, illnesses, and exposures are given top priority at all times. New Mexico Transloading's Core Values of Training and Safety are paramount in the success of our business.

A health and safety program requiring accident prevention efforts, including the integration of health and safety measures into each job description, has been implemented. It is accomplished through the cooperative efforts of managers, supervisors, and employees who seek to obtain the lowest possible work-related injury, exposure, and illness rates. The health and safety program, self-inspection program, and safety and health orientation, along with the documented required annual training are features of our efforts. No employee will be required to perform hazardous duties for which he/she has not been provided the appropriate training, equipment, and protection.

By accepting mutual responsibility to operate healthfully and safely, we will all contribute to the reduction of workplace incidents and high cost of workers’ compensation.