The 2015 Third Party Logistics Study

2015 third party logistics study


The 2015 Third Party Logistics Study published September last year pretty much agreed with the findings of the 26th Annual State of Logistics Report. The truck driver shortage is intensifying and there doesn’t seem to be much of any solution on the horizon.

Penske Logistics President Marc Althen said “If I could hire 2,000 truck drivers right now I could put them to work today”

Trucking Costs Will Significantly Increase

Far sighted industry leaders are beginning to see the writing on the wall. Attracting and retaining new truck drivers requires a lot more time, effort and money which contributes to a higher cost of doing business. Current trucking capacity will not be able to meet demand which will push freight costs higher. So either way trucking costs will significantly increase and there’s nothing that can be done about that.

The 2015 Third Party Logistics Report states, and I’m quoting:

“It is likely that companies will begin making upstream adjustments, such as shifting distribution patterns, relying on intermodal transportation and shipping larger quantities at one time. However, trucking remains the dominant freight mode within the US and the last leg of the journey requires trained professional drivers.”

In other words long haul trucking will soon be a thing of the past.

Transloading is Changing the Face of Transportation

As more transloading stations are built the trucking haul range for pickup and delivery will shrink. The trucker will soon see an average haul range of less than three hundred miles. The rates for trucking will see even more pressure as the haul range shrinks. The overall effect will be less trucks on the road in the long term.

Transloading is changing the face of transportation. Transloading is where you want to focus your shipping and receiving efforts. Transloading is the key to controlling your shipping costs.

Yes, and I repeat, it’s a great time to be in the transloading business!

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