New Mexico Transloading begins operations as the state’s first rail-served Foreign Trade Zone. A Foreign Trade Zone is a specifically designated area inside the US that is treated as if it is outside U.S. border for customs entry purposes. The zone may import, manipulate, and/or manufacture goods while delaying, reducing, or completely eliminating customs duties. For businesses who work with NM Transloading, that translates to saving both time and money.

Working under the benefit of a FTZ, companies can save large amounts of wait time, because there is not a customs inspection at the border, and they increase cash flow from “immediately” deferring the payment of  U.S. duties and tariffs.  We can save our customers an average of 6-8% on tariffs and duties, and possibly eliminate the cost completely depending on the product and how they use our facility.

NM Transloading complements their FTZ with rail access across the United States, as well as access to Canadian, Mexican, and Chinese markets. The state of the art, full service rail facility also boasts covered and open storage, truck scales, inbound and outbound distribution, and a secure location that can receive most commodities.

For more information on how NM Transloading can help you save time and money, contact us at

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