New Mexico Transload Welcomes Mueller Inc.

The relationship between New Mexico Transloading and Mueller Inc. began over coffee, after church service. From this inception point, Mueller Inc. was not at the point of manufacturing and shipping as they are today. Mueller Inc. realized as many of New Mexico Transloading’s customers have: to remain competitive they needed to find a viable alternative to trucking. New Mexico Transloading’s ability to control the price of bulk freight transport and handle logistics with one phone call has given the opportunity for Mueller Inc. to move away from the Nation-Wide Truck Driver Shortage. By incorporating the Burlington Northern Santa Fe who moves freight at the most competitive rate as well as GandyCargo and Logistics last-mile hauling service brought them to New Mexico Transloading’s doorstep.

Our trucking line GandyCargo has served as a backup to Mueller Inc.’s trucking. In the event of product or trucking shortage, GandyCargo is called upon to deliver from New Mexico Transloading, to the Mueller Inc. plant in Moriarty, NM. GandyCargo and Logistics, a sister company to New Mexico Transloading prides itself in having local and regional delivery drivers on stand-by to complete these emergency runs.

Mueller Inc. will be New Mexico Transloading’s next success story. Our alliance has already proven itself. “Every step of the process has been smooth” according to Brent McGill Branch Manager Mueller Inc. Moriarty.

New Mexico Transloading invites companies in similar situations to give us a call to set up a site-visit and to sit down with our knowledgeable staff to drive down the price of freight transport thereby increasing your company’s productivity, profits and shareholder’s investments. This remains the proven mission of New Mexico Transloading.

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