New Mexico Transload Welcomes Mueller Inc.

The relationship between New Mexico Transloading and Mueller Inc. began over coffee, after church service. From this inception point, Mueller Inc. was not at the point of manufacturing and shipping as they are today. Mueller Inc. realized as many of New Mexico Transloading’s customers have: to remain competitive they needed to find a viable alternative to trucking. New Mexico Transloading’s ability to control the price of bulk freight transport and handle logistics with one phone call has given the opportunity for Mueller Inc. to move away from the Nation-Wide Truck Driver Shortage. By incorporating the Burlington Northern Santa Fe who moves freight at the most competitive rate as well as GandyCargo and Logistics last-mile hauling service brought them to New Mexico Transloading’s doorstep.

Our trucking line GandyCargo has served as a backup to Mueller Inc.’s trucking. In the event of product or trucking shortage, GandyCargo is called upon to deliver from New Mexico Transloading, to the Mueller Inc. plant in Moriarty, NM. GandyCargo and Logistics, a sister company to New Mexico Transloading prides itself in having local and regional delivery drivers on stand-by to complete these emergency runs.

Mueller Inc. will be New Mexico Transloading’s next success story. Our alliance has already proven itself. “Every step of the process has been smooth” according to Brent McGill Branch Manager Mueller Inc. Moriarty.

New Mexico Transloading invites companies in similar situations to give us a call to set up a site-visit and to sit down with our knowledgeable staff to drive down the price of freight transport thereby increasing your company’s productivity, profits and shareholder’s investments. This remains the proven mission of New Mexico Transloading.

Why I Love to Live in New Mexico

My name is Brian Connell and I am the Business Developer for New Mexico Transloading, GandyDancer and GandyCargo. I was born in Medellin, Colombia during the turbulent 80’s for that Country. My early life involved lots of traveling with my parents. I have considered West Texas my home as it is the longest I have been in one particular region. I have lived in Odessa, El Paso, San Antonio, and Nederland (not many folks have heard of the last one! It’s ok, you can Google Maps it!). My career with the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security had me working on Ft. Bliss, Texas and the Borderline of the El Paso Sector Operations. I was a Combat Trainer and Counter-Terrorism Instructor for the Department of Army, Ft. Bliss. There I worked on the Texas/New Mexico Border and ventured into New Mexico for training. I spent my rest and relaxation in the cool mountains of Ruidoso, NM. I later joined the US Border Patrol and was stationed in Santa Teresa, NM. There was a pattern with New Mexico, it kept calling my name! After my DOD and DHS ventures I went back home and enjoyed the profits of the Oil Boom of the Permian Basin and found myself working several drilling rigs and pumpjacks once again, in New Mexico. I finally made the jump and moved to Roswell, NM and worked in Artesia, NM the “Oil Patch” as they call it here. My realization was New Mexico was not the rough, tough, fast profits operations I had become accustomed to in Texas. I became a person and not an expendable commodity for the first time of my life working in the small town of Artesia, NM.

I became a father in 2011 to a beautiful baby girl who was born in Roswell, NM. I joke and say she wasn’t born, but crash landed. Landing or birth, she is the love and joy of my heart and the greatest blessing from God I have received. We moved to Los Lunas, NM where I began a career with a bunch of railroad workers. I was the odd man out but applied my education and hard work mentality to learn the industry. The rail industry has the fast-paced mentality I was used to and provides the career stability which the commodity-driven economy of the Permian Basin encounters and has been its downfall. I was taken in by the GandyDancer family of companies and found to be a valued part of their family, once again, not expendable. Being that valuable asset, promotes me to work hard, dedicate myself and always go above and beyond the call of duty for the betterment of a company which truly values its employees and regards me as part of the family.

I have found great joy to know the companies I work for and represent are a true catalyst to State economic growth and business development. New Mexico has great potential to become a powerhouse state while maintaining its rich diversity, history and beautiful scenery. I believe in the mission to bring this State to national recognition while never jeopardizing or losing our South Western hospitality, kindness and familial ties whether biological or work driven. I come to work each day knowing we are making a difference one step at a time, but with greatness as our goal.

New Mexico has shown me great kindness, and I plan to payback this generosity with the best of my abilities. A retirement dream is to return home with rolling green central Texas hill country, plenty of sunshine, wildlife and the lush smell of fresh rain to wake up to. Texas is my home, but New Mexico keeps calling. I am honored and respond to that call.


-Brian Connell