A Major Step to Establishing Albuquerque Metro as a Global Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics Hub.

Mayor Berry Speaking From the BNSF Barelas Railyard in Albuquerque

Photo: Roberto E Rosales/Albuquerque Journal

Speaking from the Barelas BNSF railyard in downtown Albuquerque, Mayor Richard Berry announced the commissioning of a feasibility study examining how to turn the Albuquerque metropolitan area into a global transportation, warehousing and logistics hub.

According to the Albuquerque government website:

“‪One key consideration the study addresses is Albuquerque’s location being equidistant between the ports of Los Angeles and Houston along the BNSF Transcontinental Line – one of the nation’s most important rail freight routes connecting East and West Coast deep-sea ports with the Chicago area.”

“Albuquerque is not only well-positioned from a national perspective”, say Dewey Cave, Executive Director of the Mid-Region Council of Governments. “We must also consider that we sit at the intersection of two of the nation’s longest interstates, connecting Mexico to Canada and the East Coast to the West Coast, all just a four-hour drive from New Mexico’s rapidly growing commercial port-of-entry with Mexico. The possibilities are endless.” 

In an article titled “New Mexico – The Epicenter of a Major New Trade Corridor”  penned by Jamin Hutchens, New Mexico Transloading’s owner and president, she discusses the Mexico nearshoring phenomena, the newly built and extremely efficient port of entry at Santa Therese, and the considerable investments the Mexican government is making in its own infrastructure in order to facilitate smooth and swift transfer of goods from Mexican ports and industry into the USA.

This is all happening now and is a significant driver that underpins Albuquerque’s and New Mexico’s position as a new global business and logistics hub. New Mexico Transloading is perfectly positioned at the center of this hub and will play a major role in its development.

The study will cost over $100,000, funded by the city of Albuquerque; Bernalillo, Torrance, Sandoval and Valencia counties; the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad; and the nonprofit McCune Foundation.

The firm selected to handle the feasibility study is Cambridge Systematics.

We were honored to give the Cambridge Systematics team a guided tour of the New Mexico Transloading facility directly following Mayor Berry’s press conference.

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