Freight Industry June Roundup


Welcome to the Freight Industry June Roundup, a series of articles where we gather breaking news and important information from the Logistics Industry so you don’t have to waste time searching for it yourself.

Longer Freight Train Trials

According to RailwayAge:

“Irish Rail (IE) operated a 440m-long container freight train between Dublin North Wall and Claremorris on June 27 as part of trials to introduce longer freight trains later this year to boost its competitiveness.”

The testing will eventually increase from 18 wagons with 36 TEUs to a maximum of 27 wagons carrying 54 TEUs, with several other milestones along the way.  As I mentioned in last week’s post, shipping by rail reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75%.  IE says that “longer trains could see emissions reduced to as little as one-tenth of the road equivalent.”

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Driverless Freight Rail Underway

ProRail confirmed that they are planning trails for automated operation of freight trains on the Betuweroute between Rotterdam and Germany upon request from DB Cargo. The testing is supposed to start next year.

ProRail also announced that because Betuweroute is a dedicated freight line with no interaction with passenger traffic and is equipped with ERTMS, it is the “perfect” spot for the trials.

DB Cargo is also beginning trials on another project they call ‘Route Ribbon’ – a real-time network information system that can be accessed by drivers through a tablet computer – scheduled to start this week.

2016 State of the Industry Report


On June 20th I shared an article about the Association of American Railroads publishing a new study by Towson University that shows the freight rail’s impact on the U.S. economy.

The study shows that in 2014, class 1 railroads generated upwards of $274 billion in economic activity and nearly $33 billion in total tax revenues.  They supported nearly 1.5 million U.S. jobs, generating over $88 billion in total wages, and employee injuries have drastically declined with a 79% decrease in train accidents.

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The month of June has been a very exciting month.  We are enjoying learning about the new technological advances that will help shape our economy.  When the  studies are completed, we look forward to updating you on this information and when it can be implemented in the U.S.  For more monthly roundups, please visit our archives here.

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