New Mexico Transloading is a multi purpose, state of the art, transloading facility located just 8 miles from the I-40/I-25 freeway interchange, offering convenient and easy access to all major Southwest USA and Mexico markets.


We have the capability to transload a wide range of goods from rail to truck including palletized goods, bulk liquids, bulk solids, construction materials and equipment. Inventory is tracked through our state of the art software management system insuring each shipment is processed in the most timely and economical manner.

Trucking Service

NMT offers affordable trucking options, to provide a safe and timely passage of your commodities to and from of our facility at competitive rates. We operate an integrated transloading and delivery system that tracks your inventory throughout the distribution cycle.


If you are not ready for immediate distribution of your product NMT can provide secure storage of your products as well. Both long term and short term storage are offered.

Safety & Security

Safety and Security are a #1 priority for New Mexico Transloading. Strict safety procedures are followed by all employees, customers, sub contractors and visitors to our facility.

Customer Service

At New Mexico Transloading, customer service isn't just about getting products from one point to another, it's about going above and beyond. Our unwavering commitment to customer service ensures each client receives the personalized attention with just one phone call.

Track Your Shipments

New Mexico Transloading uses ShipperConnect™ Transload Management software that gives us the visibility we need to control inventory management – inbound, outbound or on-site.  ShipperConnect™ provides a single source of product-in-transit information across one or multiple facilities, communicating in real time and automating workflow to more efficiently fulfill customer orders.

Login to ShipperConnect™

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Do you need immediate transportation of your product?

Bulk liquid and dry goods, construction materials, palletized goods and heavy equipment.

Clients / Partners / Certificates

BNSF Premier Transload Facility
Abq Chamber of Commerce
Hispano Chamber of Commerce